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April 4, 2014

Assalamualaikum…. Happy Friday Mubarrak All ^^

I just want to share about my second blog, but actually the blog is created first than this blog. But as you know i don’t love IT too much so i’m lazy to write in the blog . Okey now i would like to indroduce the blog to you


tagline : “just want to share my knowledge about Information Technology”

address :

content : Focus on Information System and Technology

date of active : January, 14th 2013

Hahaha… it’s so long time than this blog, i build this blog on November 2013… ^^

Do you know, why i active to write in THE KEINA CODE ?

It’s cause i found my article ( source code ) in another blog without give back link to my blog…  He didn’t change anything so the result of source code is my name… Heum… oh boy… how stupid you are didn’t edit it…  So i will continue write in THE KEINA CODE, maybe it’s more useful for other to up to date their information about Information System and Technology…

I hope , THE KEINA CODE useful for us… And I always learn about IT so, i can write article consistently….

Thanks,,,,, don’t forget to visit : THE KEINA CODE … ^^

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