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September 11, 2014


Actually, it;s first time to open my blog after latest post. Huu it’s mean that 2 mounts ago i wrote it. Yeah, as you know. I still in my company when i write this. Yup I got job…. Yeeee Alhamdulillahi rabbil’alamin. I has finished my final duty and after that has call to work in heavy equipment area like when i doing my intern programme. But it’s different company. I never know everything can be happen to me. I just doing everything well and hope Allah give miracle like my wish everyday. Yup Allah is everything. He know what the best for his servant like me. I just can say Alhmadulillah alhamdulillah alhamdulillah… Maybe enough because it’s too night and i must go home, i will continue to write my detail story next time… Hopefully in the future I can write continuously as before….

Oh ya at last but not least is

Man Jadda wa Jadda

Man Shabara Zafira


Wassalamualaikum….  Konbawa ^^

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