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October 21, 2014

Hi Guys, Assalamualaikum warrahmatullahi wabarrakatu… How are you dare?

I hope u still healthy and happy now.

Yeah this time I want to write about Let’s CAD…. Did you know Let’s CAD??? It’s one of  the best CAD learning center in Indonesia which based in East Jakarta… If you want to know deeply, please read about my article on CAD Learning Parner in Indonesia …

Currently Let’s CAD has developed so well. Proven many trainees who come to study both the CAD autocad, inventor, and solidwork. They came from several groups such as students, employees, and even high school …

Here the documentation of training Let’s CAD which collaboration with the Dharma Persada University in June 2014.

Training at Unsada 1
Training at Unsada 2

There are also training conducted at the base camp Let’s CAD is located at Jl. Kayu Tinggi Rt. No. 009/04 89,  Cakung, East Jakarta,  There is provided 43-inch TV and table for each trainee to support the course of training like this


Training at Base Camp

The training style is relaxed but serious is suitable for students who want to learn CAD​​. And the material presented more diverse. Not just a matter of engineering drawings, but also the calculation of the material. So the resulting design can be implemented because it already has a mature calculation.

At the end of the training there is a test as a requirement to obtain a certificate of Let’s CAD. The results of the test in the form of engineering drawings exist in the certificate is the trainee.

Sample of certificate 1


Sample of Certificate 2


In addition, There is a new merchandise of Let’s CAD, yup there are t-shirts and mugs for each trainee. yeeeee …

sample of T-Shirt (left side)
mug-layout (1)
Sample of mug

Besides training, Let’s CAD also accept orders from engineering drawings such as 2D, 3D, and animation. PT Unilever Indonesia has become a partner of Let’s CAD for this. … Sample of animation can be prasented on

So come join us , We give you special price in November and December 2014.

We open Inventor and Solidwork training for personal and company.

For registration please contact :

1. Dwi Darsono  : 085 719 895 695 at

2. Mirna : 085733266226 at….


We wait you guys… Don’t miss it….

Best Regars,

Mirna as Marcomm Let’s CAD


Thank you…

Wassaalamualaikum Warrahmatullahi Wabarrakatu.

  1. keina kuliah jurusan apa toh? koq pake solid work..
    hihihi…jadi inget jaman saya kuliah dulu….pake solid work..
    tapi beneran gak sukaaaaaaaa….soalnya emang gak suka gambar teknik..

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